aka Derek

  • I live in Texas
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is Engineer
  • I am Male
  • KillaHawke1

    Another Kind of Evil is a very powerful and special story for me. In a way, it is almost autobiographical. No, I am not saying that I was kidnapped as a child by a cult and I grew up, joined the military to gain the skills needed to take my revenge on them. The story is about the blurred lines that are what is "right" and "wrong". When you are made to feel like the victim, it is an awful feeling to experience. You are made to feel helpless, hopeless, and shamed. In most cases, you are blamed for whatever event you were a victim of, and support quickly dwindles as most people tire of your difficulty in moving on. It is a lonely time. It was during this time the first hints of my writing abilities emerged.

    It is true that great art can come …

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  • KillaHawke1

    My first story, The Sounding of the Fifth Trumpet was a story in the making for decades. I was 8 years old when I first came up with the concept. As a natural born skeptic born into a hyper-religious family, I always struggled with the concept of a super-being that had always existed. It was a real source of distress at that age. When you are indoctrinated at a young age that non-belief would cause your soul to be damned and tormented for all of eternity, it was extremely troubling that I was questioning these fundamental concepts. For me, it is impossible for me to accept these beliefs on faith. So as a child, I began imagining plausible ways for there to be an all powerful god. It was sort of like Biblical science fiction. The idea of th…

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