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  • Llanunall

    If you are reading this then (hopefully) you are new to the wiki. In which case: welcome to the site!

    As a beginner it is easy to get stuck in one of two states. The first of which where you do not know what sort of content is acceptable on the site and therefore are hesitant to contribute. The other is where you are really sure how the site works and not really care that much. In the end, hopefully I can help you to merge the two into one, the "Pretty sure I know what is going on but still mindful of the policies" state.

    The rest of this blog is going to be arranged in a FAQ format with topical headers so that it is easy to sift through and grab the information that you need.

    Can I post my story to the site?


    Okay that is not entirely true. Y…

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  • Llanunall

    Helel ben Shahaar

    August 2, 2018 by Llanunall

    As of yesterday, August 1st, a user by the name of Lokintas brought forth a petition to remove Helel ben Shahaar from his role as an administrator for the site.

    Now, as expected, a demotion petition brings with it a lot of chaos and mixed feelings as well as some rather strong ones. With that in mind I am writing this blog to distill how I feel on the matter after doing a bit of research and the opinions expressed in this blog post are only representative of me.

    So let me dive into the situation.

    First, I would like to start off by talking about what I feel the responsibilities of an administrator are. An administrator's core job is, of course, the day to day running of the site. Things such as: deleting articles, renaming pages, and blocking…

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  • Llanunall


    August 2, 2018 by Llanunall

    Licensing is an integral yet not often understood part of sharing your stories with others on this wiki. The type of license, its terms, and how permissive it is plays a large part in how other people use, narrate, and share your content. For many people the default license of the wiki, CC-BY-SA, is a good fit as it requires a few basic things of the people using it while also giving them a large amount of freedom in how it can be used. For example:

    CC-BY-SA allows someone to:

    • Share your story either by tweeting it out or posting it to another site
    • Adapt, remix, transform, or build upon the story in any way they want to, even if it is for money

    But in order to do these things one must:

    • Attribute the story back to you thus giving you proper credi…
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