Licensing is an integral yet not often understood part of sharing your stories with others on this wiki. The type of license, its terms, and how permissive it is plays a large part in how other people use, narrate, and share your content. For many people the default license of the wiki, CC-BY-SA, is a good fit as it requires a few basic things of the people using it while also giving them a large amount of freedom in how it can be used. For example:

CC-BY-SA allows someone to:

  • Share your story either by tweeting it out or posting it to another site
  • Adapt, remix, transform, or build upon the story in any way they want to, even if it is for money

But in order to do these things one must:

  • Attribute the story back to you thus giving you proper credit, provide a link to the CC-BY-SA license, and indicate what was changed if anything
  • Share-Alike, this means that every derivative work created from your story must be available under the CC-BY-SA license. No one can copyright a derivative work.

And that's it!

Provided that these terms are met anyone can take a story published on this site and remix it, narrate it, or even expand upon it.

When content creators choose to publish their content here they are taking a valuable step to furnish the community with great, new content which helps us grow and expand. When content remixers, adapters, and narrators adhere to the simple rules of the license they help spread, promote, and grow the community as well. Thanks to the protections and rights afforded to the authors and the fans by this license we are all able to create and enjoy content in a free and open manner.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.