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Hello all. I wanted to make this post addressing something I didn’t know until now. If you don’t know who I am, I’m basically someone who is interested in story writing and creative writing as a whole. On top of that, I’m also a creepypasta fan, hence why I joined this site, but I mostly joined so I could discuss with other fans and the like. However, I am not going to be focusing on that. Instead, I’m going to mention something that came as no surprise to me, but still something I figured I should say before I forgot to do so.

Please understand that this is not intended as a slight towards anybody, as I know that the situation was only done as per the rules of this site. I don’t have any ill feelings towards the administrator(s) for doing what they had done, and to be honest, I don’t blame them.

It is way past midnight where I am (not revealing out of respect for my privacy), but I may as well get it off my chest. Just earlier, I checked my notifications, and got a message from one of the admins which stated my story had been removed due to its similarities to other posts, as well as with it containing elements that have either been blacklisted or no longer allowed on the website itself. I’m not surprised, considering that I had broken one of the site’s rules, and the fact that the whole story, if I’m being honest, was very stupid.

The fact that it was also a Jeff the Killer rip-off also did not help matters either. I personally consider it to be a rip-off, as the main antagonist became a cheap carbon copy of a popular character that is only given praise due to the accompanying story being absolute garbage, and of course, teenage fangirls. (To any fangirls who comes across this post that gets agitated at my comment, I apologise.)

I feel nothing but extreme regret over writing it, because if I’m being honest, it generally was the worst thing I’d ever written. Even I know it wouldn’t fly easy at a writing contest. The story was awful, to say the least. Given that I had made its main villain when I was a preteen, I knew that it would suck either way. Furthermore, I am not going to repost it on any site, because I want nothing to do with what I’d consider to be the opposite of a magnum opus. I will not repost it on the Spinpasta Wiki or Spinoff Appeal, as I am personally done with that mess of a story. There is no way I’m going to remake it either. If anything, it was complete rubbish, and I feel no shame in saying it.

So therefore, I will not mention anything to do with it, because I am done with that godawful mess of writing that I blindly saw as a masterpiece. I will leave it in the back of my head, along with all my other terrible pieces of work that I wanted to write, but didn’t get around to doing so, because they all sucked.

Again, I do not harbour any ill will or grudges to the administrator(s) for removing it. If anything, I’m glad they did, because once again, I want nothing to do with that horrible story. And don’t worry, I will do better next time. I promise you all that I will not pull that stunt again, as I have learned that with every action, comes a consequence, and with great writing power, comes equally great responsibility.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I apologise for what I have done. I know that it was a terrible thing of me to do, and if anything, I feel ashamed, but I’m also glad I said something about it without feeling any sort of negative emotions. I will do my best to do better.

Best regards, LunaTheReaper06.