Now we all know that creepypastas stalk people but what happens if you are the chosen one to be stalked?

That is why you are reading this blog

Now rules

1. If you hear noises do not fall assleap if you do the creepypasta will find you as an easy pray

2. Never think of bad things about Creepypastas because they can read minds

3. Never use holy water it will make that creepypasta more angry

4. Never piss them off

5. Never remind them about their past life

6. Never make to much eye contact

7. If you hear noises run as fast as you can from them

8. If somebody asks you questions that talk about being beautiful of about taking candy then you should know you are fucked up

9. If they want to make you beautiful try and outsmart them like for example:

Jeff the Killer: Let me make you beautiful like me

You: But if you do that maby I'll become more beautiful than you and I will become better

Jeff the Killer: Hmm You have a point

(At that moment while he/she is distracted run away as fast as you can)

10. Try and mess with their head (Only if you know how) Here is an example:

Laughing Jack: Have some candy HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH

You: Umm mister Jack I think that is Isaac behind you

Laughing Jack: Wait really?!

(At that moment run away while he/she turns around)

11. Try and get them to talk about their feelings

12. Try and comfort them

13. Try and ask them about what they like and agree with the stuff you like too

Tank you for reading this blog comment(if you can here)


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