You chose yes, so here's a bit about myself.

My name is Kari, I'm just a girl who enjoys being on the internet. I'm more into the 'weird' side of the internet. I mainly enjoy going on weird websites like 4chan, Reddit, SaidIt, and Raddle. You know, websites full of communities. Mainly 4chan because it's anonymous and FULL of mysteries. Hell, I was even a part of some ARG's in the past, like The Black Watchmen, Afterbirth, and Oxenfree. If you don't know about these, just look them up.

I'm known to be very introverted, considering half of my life is on the internet. My hobbies are puzzles, reading, and watching TV. I love watching videos on YouTube as well. Some of my favorite channels are:

I'm not really into anything meme related or otherwise. I honestly think that stuff is stupid and I don't really care for it at all. Some think that i'm weird for not being into that stuff and being into the 'dark side of the internet'. You get the point. Some just don't like who I am and want me to change..

Thanks for reading this, I guess? Hope that helps tell you some things about me...

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