The Naughty List is about a preteen's experience with Santa Claus. The story starts off talking about the many questions people have with Santa Claus, the "magic" excuse, and him stating that he once believed that his parents were the ones placing down his gifts. One Christmas Eve, the author isn't tired, and chooses to wait at the Chimney for his parents to leave the Gifts, but turns out in the events of the story, that Santa happens to exists. Santa threatens to put Eddie on the Naughty List if he doesn't go to bed, and so Eddie does, ending the story.

Initial Thoughts

Due to how the story manages to avoid some of the more commonly used tropes, and yet it still manages to be in some ways creepy, the story is worth reading for that alone. At the same time however, the story isn't much of a note-worthy story outside of that.

If I were to rank it, I would say a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Original Story

The Naughtly List

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