This ship's not only creepy, but ugly as hell.

My sister first saw Event Horizon when it came out in 1997, and it completely scared the living crap out of her. At the time I thought the haunted house in space premise was rather cheesy and kind of stupid and I had way better things to do with my time (like accumulate piles of cool books and knickknacks from various yard sales and flea markets). Then years later, after reading about people raving how disturbing and awesome this movie is, I decided to watch it for myself on Netflix...late at night...while everyone else was asleep. Not only did it truly scared me and made me afraid to walk to the bathroom late at night, I had really bad nightmares about being sucked into my closet right into that engine room with that monstrous spherical device with orbiting spiked rings the gruesome bloodstained spikes lining the walls with the dead people hanging off them.

Late Night Horror Viewing

Oh, and guess who's waiting for me.


Yep, that guy.