• I live in Hell
  • My occupation is Hating this wiki
  • I am Whore.
  • Necrotization

    Well, these are my final notes before i leave. If you are wondering why i am leaving the wiki, it has done me much internal harm. Stuff on the wiki, mean people, made me overdose, and such. That is not the only reason, ive tried many a times to be a part of the wiki, much of the time i am ignored. I frequently... become at my breaking point. Ive caused many of you grief and pain.... And the ones who like me and are nice to me are falling apart...  its all hard to deal with. Im having a long hiatus, if not a departure. I need time. If any of you want to ever contact me, ill be on skype. suicidebyagentorange, is the username, btw. I ask that a mod or admin DO NOT block my account, i will probably be back. I wish you all well... And see you a…

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  • Necrotization

    Propaganda. Or City of anchorage lived a month of power. Bullshit. anarchy is not likley in a situation that short/

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  • Necrotization

    My First Post

    October 27, 2013 by Necrotization

    Eh, I decided, Well, if im gonna be more personal, a blog is a start.

    My opinion on Nickelback:


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