NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 22 June

A Controversial Opinion Regarding Children and the Internet

Note: I initially posted this in the Discussions, but felt that I didn't do a good enough job so I copied it here and worked on it more. Additionally, I think this would work better as a blog, not only because this is an opinion, but because mainstream site users can discover it and give their two cents.

Also note that this is more of an improved version, with minor differences.

I also want to apologize in advance for the giant post.

Seeing as I accidentally derailed a thread about the site needing more staff, I have decided to move the conversation of rather or not the internet is appropriate for children here. Here I'm going to elaborate more.

I want to say before I begin that I'm not trying to sound insulting or anything, and I'm VERY sorry …

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 10 March 2019

My Thoughts on Channel Zero's Cancelation

In January SyFy cancelled their miniseries Channel Zero after only four seasons with a total of twenty-four episodes.

Although I only watched the first season, I really don't care that they cancelled it. I know that might not seem fair, but I doubt the other seasons were any better. Since the first season is the only one I actually watched, it is what I am going to talk about on this page.

To begin with, it wasn't a very good adaptation. I know you can't stretch a story that takes five minutes to read and takes place in a chatroom into six episodes, but the least they could have done was try to stick the plot and include Candle Cove more. Instead of going with the boring plot they went with they could have somehow combined the original story…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 26 February 2019

LOLPasta Wiki reaches 1,000 Pages!

Shortly before creating this blog I had the honor of creating the LOLPasta Wiki's 1,000th page.

The LOLPasta Wiki was created on August 18, 2018 to archive pages from the Trollpasta Wiki after it was shut down. As of writing this blog post, the site has archived 826 pages from the original Trollpasta Wiki with more being archived every day.

The LOLPasta Wiki serves as a place where people can access pages saved from the Trollpasta Wiki and write trollpastas of their own until the TPW's site owners can get a functioning website of their own up.

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 1 December 2018

I think I finally get it!

I think I finally figured out why most of the stories (especially the new ones) don't appeal to me.

First off, I grew up with classical literature. I was figuratively born with a book in my hand. I wasn't even ten years old when I first read all of Dracula by Bram Stoker which might have given me an acquired taste for horror literature. When I was very young I spent the weeks leading up to Halloween reading horror classics. By the time I was 13 I already had a small library of about 150 books (some of which I have since sold).

As for Creepypasta itself, I knew about it before I knew it had a name. I read about Polybius in 2005, and the Tails Doll Curse in 2009 (which I found comical). I discovered Creepypasta as a whole in 2012 when I came a…

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NedWolfkin NedWolfkin 5 November 2018

A Bit of Nostalgia

I was recently going through some old images I had saved on my computer and found a few of the Creepypasta Wiki. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I feel nostalgia when I look at these.

For anyone interested in doing any exploring, here are cached pages from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Here is what the wiki looked like when I first found it.

I also remember something hilarious I once saw in a comment section. This may not have been exactly what they said, but it's the gist of it.

(One person made a comment that was apparently against the rules).

PERSON 1: "Don't say that, you don't want to get banned!"

PERSON 2 (response to person 1): "You don't know that."

If anyone has anything else I would love to see it.

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