Most of you know me, but for the ones that don't.I'm NoTimeCreepy or just NoTime.

A little back story about me. I was a gamer on YouTube, with a little over 135 videos under my belt, and 2k subs. I made the switch because I was doing something that I didn't really like, but did it for others.

I started my new channel about a month ago on stories from creepypasta.wikia page, and love doing it. You'll find other videos on my page in the near future of creepy, scary, urban legends, Etc.

As of day 10/5/18 I became an official narrator for creepypasta.wikia page, and I could not be any happier. When it comes to a story, I'm not to picky, I'll read pretty much anything, as long as it grabs my interests in the first few paragraphs. When it comes to narrating a story, I try to steer away from the stories that are Novels (LOL), but will do it anyways. It's a work in progress, but improving with each new video.My Channel You will pretty much find me on here for the most part, unless im at work, which in that case im hideing in a closet reading creepypasta stories.

Thanks NoTime

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