Oaura Oaura 2 October 2015

Oaura's "Jeff The Killer" Elements Notes and Investigative Research


Hello everyone! This is Oaura here. Pretty much, I've written all of these notes on the original version of 'Jeff the Killer'. Originally, this was intended for the judges only. However, my attention has been drawn to the fact that I should make this public knowledge. Parts of this may be me looking way too deep into the story, but I wanted to evaluate it as thoroughly as possible. Anyway, enough about me and more about what you're about to read.

These notes are divided into three sections: Section One (the Plot, [questionably significant] Characters, Themes and Tone of Jeff the Killer), Section Two (the interviews I conducted on my friends who are not repulsed by the story [fans who are not rabid], therefore the r…

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Oaura Oaura 30 June 2015

Anything for your Future is not a Phoenix

So, the story I have been working on for half a year ('Anything for your Future') has completely lost all of my interest. Whilst I'm very happy with how it turned out, I don't see myself posting a story of (debatably) enormous length. This was a behemoth of a story compared to what it started out as (damn you, inner novelist).

What I'm saying is that 'Anything for your Future' will not arise from the ashes; it is not a phoenix. I may salvage the key ideas and concepts from said ashes and transfer them to future stories that I will be working on (or maybe even reinvent the story itself).

Anyway, I might as well detail my current plans while I'm here as they impact my activity on the Wiki.

Plan One: Finish writing 'You Cannot Repeat', a prequel…

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Oaura Oaura 13 June 2015

Real Life Woes

Alright, the following is pretty much the summary of a conversation I had with someone in an English class yesterday. For the sake of anonymity, let's call them Bob.

I'm in my English class. The teacher is letting us talk for the last ten minutes of the lesson. An assignment task was handed out that day; it was a creative writing assessment. Bob, on the other side of the room says 'Creepypasta'. This, of course, instantly grasped my attention and would not let go. I went to talk to Bob. He was friendly enough. I smoothly directed the conversation to Creepypastas.

Me: (smoothly) So what is you favourite Creepypasta?

Bob: Jeff The Killer. It was amazing.

The insides of my stomach froze. I realised the mistake I had just made.

Me: (getting worried) Um…

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Oaura Oaura 19 January 2015

Question of Interest: Creepypasta Idea- Anything for your Future

Greetings! I'll try to make this as short as possible. I've got an idea for an Entity that will be the main antagonist of the first Creepypasta I post on this website. I am posting all of this to see if you all would be interested in this concept and to contribute to my research of what everyone generally wants to read in a Creepypasta. Anyway, here it goes (WARNING: This may or may not sound extremely rough).

The Entity: I wanted to stem away from the stereotypical 'Oh god! It's a demon!' cliché. What I've formulated is an Entity (for convenience I'm going to refer to it by a concept name I have for it: The Dealer) that acts similar to the whole 'If you give me your soul, I can give you anything you desire' trope. However, The Dealer doesn'…

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