So, the story I have been working on for half a year ('Anything for your Future') has completely lost all of my interest. Whilst I'm very happy with how it turned out, I don't see myself posting a story of (debatably) enormous length. This was a behemoth of a story compared to what it started out as (damn you, inner novelist).

What I'm saying is that 'Anything for your Future' will not arise from the ashes; it is not a phoenix. I may salvage the key ideas and concepts from said ashes and transfer them to future stories that I will be working on (or maybe even reinvent the story itself).

Anyway, I might as well detail my current plans while I'm here as they impact my activity on the Wiki.

Plan One: Finish writing 'You Cannot Repeat', a prequel to the ongoing 'Dark Ridge Diaries' that, on its own, will appear to be a standalone story.

Plan Two: Put more attention on the Slenderman-Inspired ARG (not a Slenderman ARG, but one inspired by said Creepypasta character) I'm currently directing, so my activity may be low during this time.

Plan Three: Enjoy my holidays while they last (read ALL the Riffs); while my cast is out endeavouring to follow their own respective holiday plans.

Plan Four: Experiment with new story telling structures and techniques, in regards to trying new ideas and ways of conveying stories.

Plan Five: Become, overall, more active on the Wiki (after finishing video editing) and creating at least one/two more on-site Creepypasta/s.

Plan Six: Help out as much as I can in the Writer's Workshop.

Anyway, here is my little update; though I'm sure it doesn't actually matter. I'm both nervous and looking forward to showing you all 'You Cannot Repeat'. Until then, I'll see you all around.

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