Parlour Parlour 5 November 2019

Back And Staying Back

Hello yet again,

Parlour here.  My last blog post was about how I'd be leaving the wiki for a time to work on a new novel idea; that idea didn't really pan out, so I'm back (again.)  I've dropped a few new stories already, but I wanted to make the official announcement that I'm back from the dead.  I realized in my absence that the reason I can't seem to write a novel is that I'm too infatuated with the short story format; writing like this is what I love to do, and there's nowhere I'd rather do it than here.

So yeah, I don't think I'll be going very far away any time soon.  I'm going to switch gears and focus all my creative effort on these short pastas, for both my enjoyment and yours.  I'm also down to start that "Parlour's Parlor" advice…

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Parlour Parlour 31 August 2019

Slight Hiatus

Hello again,

Parlour here.  I just wanted to let you guys know that I might be taking a bit of a break from the wiki once more, but I promise it's not without good reason: I'm beginning work on my first novel, which is a follow up to a novella I wrote two years ago.  I'm super excited to be able to return to this world and flesh it out in a full novel form, but to do that it means I might need to step away from the wiki for a bit.  I know some people liked the idea of a daily advice blog (Parlour's Parlor is the name I've been considering for that) and I'll do the best I can to stay in contact and stay active.  If I seem dead, just know that I'm doing some work on what is (at this moment) my most ambitious passion project.  As writers, I kn…

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Parlour Parlour 19 August 2019

Daily Advice Blog?

Hello all,

Parlour here.  I know it's been a while since my last blog post, but I've been toying with a new idea lately and I wanted to hear some feedback from you guys.  Now that I've found some added free time to contribute to the wiki, I've considered starting a set of daily blog posts, each dedicating a little blurb of space to a new writing tip each day.

I know there's places for me to go to help people with their writing, predominantly the tried and true Writer's Workshop; however, I know from experience that a lot of newcomers to the site go straight to blog posts for information, and many (myself embarassingly included) will skip over the Writer's Workshop when posting their first pastas.  I want this blog series to be able to help o…

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Parlour Parlour 17 February 2019

A Much Needed Thank You

Hello everyone,

Parlour here.  As some of you may know, today I received my own official category; to some of the veterans of the site it may not seem like much, but to say that I'm honored would be an understatement.  This is a privilege beyond anything I could've hoped for when I first started writing, but I want you guys to know that I wouldn't be here without you.

When I first joined the site, I was... cocky.  My past writing experience led me to believe that I could jump into this site, pop out a quick story or two, and instantly rise to creepypasta fame.  Thankfully, you guys set me down a far more humble path pretty much from the get go.  All of your support and all of your criticisms (constructive or otherwise) helped me to where I a…

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Parlour Parlour 30 November 2018

I'm Back (again)

What's poppin gucci gang,

It's Parlour, back from another signature 2-3 month hibernation.  Last time, my excuse was that I got a new job- the job is still going strong, I have yet to be fired (yay!)  However, my reason for returning now is a lot more exciting: I just freed up a lot of time by finishing a screenplay I've been working on.  The screenplay is based off a short story I wrote (not one of the ones on my wiki) and it's been eating up most if not all of my free time.  Now that I'm done, I've got a lot of time to unwind and practice some new writing for people other than myself to enjoy.  

I've got an idea brewing right now, but I think I'm gonna take a day or two just to flesh it out a bit more.  Won't be too long though! 

Again, I s…

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