Hello yet again,

Parlour here.  My last blog post was about how I'd be leaving the wiki for a time to work on a new novel idea; that idea didn't really pan out, so I'm back (again.)  I've dropped a few new stories already, but I wanted to make the official announcement that I'm back from the dead.  I realized in my absence that the reason I can't seem to write a novel is that I'm too infatuated with the short story format; writing like this is what I love to do, and there's nowhere I'd rather do it than here.

So yeah, I don't think I'll be going very far away any time soon.  I'm going to switch gears and focus all my creative effort on these short pastas, for both my enjoyment and yours.  I'm also down to start that "Parlour's Parlor" advice blog if you guys feel there's a need for such a thing.

Until next time,


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