Here's some creepypasta ideas for you lazy bastards. ;)

  • A guy who goes to his friend's house to play a video game, and there is a sudden powercut. The power then comes back on, and weird stuff starts to happen.
  • The character enters a forest full of dead children, hung from the branches, and he eventually reaches an insane person tied up dead in an electric chair, a plastic bag over his head which has the words "NO MORE" written on it.
  • Cliche paradise, full of 666 books and hyper realism.
  • A guy reads a horror story, and whatever happens it happens in real life. Yet, he cannot stop reading it or he will be killed.
  • A guy adopts a kid, and allows him to play with some teddybears and stuff. When he checks on the kid, he's dead, with the TV showing smile.jpg and the wall reading "YOU SHOULDN'T BE SO SCARED". A bloody ghoul then screams after popping out the wall, and he runs. He awakes in his sleep and sees a bloody mangled face before his throat is slit.
  • A detective investigates the hanging of a family, and finds disturbing details.

If all that fails, resort to using Spooky Skeletons.

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