Ok guys, over the last couple of movie nights, we have seen some behavior that is...annoying, so I have been forced to make rules for the simple movie night that we have. They are a copule of rules just put into place so that no one messes with movie night, and everything is in order.

  1. NO BEING ANNOYING. Spamming stuff, being rude to others, and other offenceces are a no no.
  2. NO PAUSING/UNPAUSING THE MOVIE. The only time in which this is allowed is when everyone takes a fair vote on it and it has to be requested nicely.
  3. NO FUCKING WITH THE MOVIE TIME. If something seems...wrong with the time, it doestn matter, just dont even think about moving the timer in the movie.
  5. You can make any name in the tinychat, but you MUST declare who you are from chat. Failure to comply will lead to the mod banning you (in tinychat).
  6. No cams please. We are here to watch a movie, not to socialize. Thats what the chat on the bottom is for.

Failure to comply with these rules will lead to a 2 simple penalties.

First offence: Warning

Second offence: Ban

(only  exception is changing the movie. That will get you banned the first time)

There are no exceptions or loopholes. This is simply a movie night. Thats all. I would like to thank User:Kill1mes for giving us the idea, and zyranne and I for keeping it going.

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