Well, Bethesda’s E3 conference was last night, and I waited for an hour and a half through various other games for some Doom: Eternal footage. Some of the other games looked promising (Ghostwire Tokyo, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Deathloop stood out the most), and others were pretty underwhelming. But eventually, as a grand finale, since that’s what everyone was there for, we got a little more Doom: Eternal.

This game is going to be so freaking good. They changed the UI since the last reveal, and it’s a neat change. It looks a bit more arcade-y than before, which is cool. Everything from the reveal and the new trailer just makes me laugh and shout – in a good way. It just looks like more and more Doom, which is absolutely fine by me. Killing demons in an all out murder fest is just plain appealing, even if there doesn’t seem like much change from the first one. The return of Cyberdemon is much welcomed too.

Let’s also take note that the “Story Trailer” is about 90% gameplay, something pretty rare these days. Like, the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer looked REALLY good, but no gameplay always has me concerned. So Doom gets some kudos on that. (Then again it’s not really a cinematic driven game, but it doesn’t need to be either.)

I caught a glimpse of a broken Samuel Hayden being researched on, and now I need to know what happened. And the repeated mention of “heaven’s wrath”, and fighting “through heaven and hell”, and even the large winged creature – PLEASE tell me we’re going to Heaven or fighting angels, that would be incredibly cool. And I think we need an answer to the giant... thing walking through the city in the trailer. Let me fight that.

And you can bet I’m gonna try to get that Collector’s Edition – why wouldn’t I want a Doom Slayer helmet!? Just, aaahhhhh everything about this game looks so awesome! Alongside this game, the other awesome titles being teased and released this year have made this a finally fantastic year for E3. I haven’t been this interested in the convention for some time, but now I have no idea how I’m gonna pay for all of these games. In other news, there most likely will be a guaranteed blog post next week, and yeah I’m aware I failed with the planned consistent writing already, but whatever with that.

Alright, that’s my messy ramble about Doom: Eternal and some other bits from E3 thus far. I’m highly excited about the Square Enix one today though, as I’m hoping for a tease towards my favorite game series (though I doubt it.) For you fellow gamers out there, what are your thoughts thus far for this year’s E3, or just Doom: Eternal?

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