Phew. I survived another year.

Welp. It’s now been almost two years since I joined the Creepypasta Wiki. A lot has happened over the last year (certainly more than year one) and I figured I’d do what I did last year and just talk about me me me. In particular, some short thoughts on my own stories, and some other stuff from the year. Let’s get started. (also posting this early cuz I’m going to busy for the next while)

Reduced Visibility: Alright, my first story of year two was… not fantastic. The idea came from putting together an experience of actually getting some last minute groceries at the literal eleventh hour and then having to walk back onto my own campus, and messing with the perspective of a story (presenting the story as second person, only to reveal that it was actually a first person perspective of the stalker). Around this time I was getting self-conscious about the kinds of stories I wrote, since I was doing a lot of exaggerated or fantastical horror stories instead of something more grounded in reality, so this was my first attempt at this. I’m kinda eh towards this one, definitely not my best but probably not my worst. Maybe. I hope.

Snapshot: We go from one of my least favourite pieces to what I think is one of my best works. Same deal as the last one, playing with perspective, but this time I think I nailed it based on the response I got. It was also fun messing around with the age old “photos steal your soul” concept. I’m still really proud of this one.

Office Jobs Can Suck The Life Out of You: My very obvious attempt at a r/nosleep title story. This one was written while actually working at a summer job in an office and I wanted to capture that tedium of office work and then add a splash of horror to it. Originally the story had more gross out humour involving needing to get to the washroom, but in the end it was scraped as it just kinda killed the tone. So I decided to just pull a good ol’ fashioned Grim Reaper, haven’t seen one in a while so there it is. I’m alright with this one, and I don’t think the title is too silly.

Hell Has A Prison: Oh boy. My “magnum opus” I suppose. Hell took about a month and a half to write, and I still have more planned. I’ve been debating lately about possibly (and sadly) taking this part down and publishing it, as it’s the only one I feel would work well enough as a novel (that wouldn’t be for some while though, until I finish the other parts). But that part aside, I am still immensely proud of this one. It’s the longest story I’ve ever written, and I had a LOT of fun writing it. So glad it took home a POTM, and thank you to anyone who sat through the whole thing and left a kind comment.

A Halloween Monster: One of the things I tend to do when I try to come up with an idea for a story is to “do a cliche/trope right.” The Shifts was birthed from trying to do a mirror pasta “right”, How to Beat the Sandman was my attempt at making a “good ritual pasta”, and so forth. This was me doing a Halloween story since it is my favourite holiday (shocker I know). It’s fine, more based in reality, and begins this different “era” as I’ve labelled for myself where I tried doing more CREEPYPASTAS and less horror fiction. Lotta quotations in this one, but I still like the story.

The Miracle Pill: This ritual was birthed from a conversation about ritual pastas and someone stating the following generic ritual pasta statement: “The pain will last for about thirty minutes - it is critical that you survive this.” I then took that on as a challenge and came up with this piece. Probably the weakest of my current three rituals in my opinion, but I enjoy the flavour of this pasta.

Mist Man: Bloody and William, I pour one out to you guys here. This was me trying to do the blog format story, with a few of my own touches here and there. Mostly going fantastical by adding a mystery ghostly killer who gets stronger the more people who know of him. I tried to leave it to the reader to decide whether Mallory was telling the truth or if this was all a lie, but since I’m biased towards the fantastical I say, for the sake of the story, Mist Man existed. Another story I had a lot of fun writing, and easily another one of my favourite stories I’ve done. I hope I did well with the “realism” of the blog; I think the fake comments sections really add to it, but that’s up to you guys to decide. And remember, if you read it, you’re aiding the supernatural serial killer, mwahahaaha… (not really.)

A Strange Occurrence in a Graveyard: So this one is about 90% true. Really. I tend to go on walks around my university town with my friends at night, and the night I wrote this story I went to a graveyard with them. The only parts that are fake are the desecrated grave and the man climbing off of the crucifix - so yes, the sound of “ha ha” in the distance DID happen. We were so fucking freaked out about that we almost left, but we just went on. And yes, we did find that bone lying on the road. Probably just an animal bone though. Only bad thing about this story was that it got me doxxed during my own goddamn contest-

Barbie Girl: Taking the term “plastic surgery” in a literal sense. That was it. That was the entire premise. Oh, and Junji Ito played some visual inspiration in my head. Particularly with the idea of a corpse with porcelain skin that cracks and falls apart, resulting in black oozing guts pouring out. That… that’s all I got. I’m fine with this one.

Ghosts at the Crossroads: Another ritual! This time based on an incredibly easy-to-reproduce optical illusion to scare the wits out of kids who will actually think they’re performing the ritual when they try this. That’s, that’s the only reason for that one too. These breakdowns are becoming more and more simple cuz they were birthed from simple beginnings.

Blood Artist: Another story that both comes from a simple concept, as well as makes me concerned over how much of an incel I look like concerning how many women I put in bad light or positions in my stories as of late (i swear it’s not on purpose). I wanted to play with the incredibly cheesy idea of a painting done with blood, only to reveal at the end it has turned brown.. hence revealing that it was painted with blood. I feel meh about the story, but it’s a fun little thing.

The Best Medicine: In my mind, probably the closest I’ve come to reaching that classic creepypasta feel. Wanted to do something a little Lovecraftian here (if Mist Man doesn’t count), so let’s screw around with dying of laughter. Literally. I like this one. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to, which makes me really happy.

The Ground-Floor Bedroom: Also the closest I’ve come to reaching classic levels of creepypasta, and this time there’s like, no fantastical elements! Just a story about some weird dude knocking on OP’s window at night, based on my own experiences growing up and being the only person in my house that sleeps on the ground floor.

As for other events this year, well, I got to host a contest that I think went pretty damn well. And I got promoted to both Rollback and offered an extra job as a Discussions Moderator, which is pretty awesome and allows me to help out even more around here, so thanks to the admins for putting their trust and faith in me. And a big thank you to everyone for their support over the last year, whether it be through your lovely comments, or constructive criticism on my drafts that I’ll send out at 3am out of nowhere, or any other means of being a great friend.

And that’s all I’ve got. Stay safe everyone, and I’ll see ya around for year three!

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