So, sick of hearing these cliches after reading/listening so many of these? Same! I'm only going to put 3! You guys can put in some more. 

Stop writing these things:

- Crimson blood. : Yes we get's a good way to describe blood, but it's over used. Do it again and we can compare your blood to actual crimson

- It felt like "Place amount of time here" when it was only seconds! : Find new ways to describe time. It's not hard.

- Anything using daggers as a describing word. : Yes, Mr.Shapekspear compared the glare of an eye to daggers, no reason to use it to describe any and every pain. 


So many more...Didn't even add in when people talk about creepypastas in a creepypasta, when they tell you they can't write as good as the one who had it happen to them, or when the writer says English isn't there first language, but that's another topic. 


Staring like Daggers!

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