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  • I live in a very warm place
  • I was born on October 7
  • My occupation is travelling through time
  • I am a wily kid, calling in sick for months at a time.
  • Resident DeVir


    September 21, 2014 by Resident DeVir


    How long was I out for, two months or something?

    Well, surely it couldn’t have been that long when so little has changed. It’s quite frankly pretty terrifying how the site seems the same as it’s always been, so terrifying that I might even write a CP about it. Maybe it’s so scary because I have changed a lot myself?

    I once read somewhere that to live was to die repeatedly, the point being that by every passing second your personality and thought process changes according to the stimuli you receive from the world around you, meaning that the old you is continuously killed bit by bit and replaced by a new, adapted one. This in turn also means that physical death works like a lock that ends the cycle of reincarnation.

    Anyway, I’ve died a lot …

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  • Resident DeVir

    By the time of this writing, the Mental Illness-category has 2,227 pages, second only to the Beings-category with 2,419 pages. While I could understand why the latter has so many pages, it was a total mystery to me why Mental Illness garnered almost as many, but now I know the horrible truth:

    The Mental Illness-category is a waste bin, a toilet bowl to which any story that would not be welcome elsewhere is banished.

    You can't seem to find a place for your insane theory/thorough examination of a children's cartoon? Don't know where your story on a spooky 8-bit town theme belongs? Don't know where to place a mass murderer? Have no fear! Mental Illness is here!

    When all else fails, you can toss your story in the looney bin. Literally, every CP can thro…

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