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Hi everyone, just want to share my thoughts on the CPW atm. This is not in any way supposed to be mean spirited, it’s just my thoughts, so sorry if I come off as a bit rude :-)

So I’m going to address some problems such as

-Critical understaffing

-Clogged up deletion category

-Avoiding obviously underaged new users having a hissy fit over their story getting deleted by white knighting it

-Ignoring actual harassment

I Or others may address more in comments.

Understaffing and Deletion Category

This wiki, as you’re probably very aware of, is critically understaffed. This is one of the main problems and is the reason behind a lot of the others. There are only two active admins who I recall are Owl and Cleric. Now I understand this isn’t a REAL job, and it’s not like people get paid for this, but still, the admins often overlook important issues that have been clearly addressed. I think we need more new admins. One person I know will take care of the clogged up deletion category is a user called @Omenyaa . She is from the Lolpasta wiki, and I’ve chatted to her many times on discord and she’s offered many times that she’d clean up the deletion category instead of just letting it fester away. Now I’m no veteran here, but I can see myself this place sure is getting clogged up.


I’ve seen it with my own eyes, you can’t deny it’s happening. It’s a little bit funny, but after a while it’s annoying. People can’t take criticism here! If an obviously terrible story gets marked for deletion many authors go on a hissy fit! And then there’s white knights who ignore obvious flaws and claim people giving criticism are ‘bullying’ them.

(And then the actual bullies here go unnoticed.)

Admins seem to be dodging deleting the shit clogging up here to avoid meltdowns. If someone’s having a tantrum, then ban them for a week or so. Simple!

Ignoring Harassment

This hasn’t happened to me but I’ve witnessed it with others. Specifically, I’ve seen it happen to my friend Ned Wolfkin. People have thrown insults at him for marking their stories for review or deletion because they don’t meet quality standards. I’d like to remind you guys that insulting people isn’t going to make you look any better, and it makes you look like an angry little kid. Having a rant isn’t going to help your story stay up!

Some smaller but still irritating issues to adress

Gacha- Please make this a blacklisted subject, it’s honestly just spam at this point and usually has nothing to do with Creepypasta. Gacha users, this isn’t a personal attack, but it’s pretty obvious most of you are under the age of 12. Please like... Go to a wiki made for gacha?

Apparently WW doesn’t exist to you people - If y’all want criticism on your story put it in Writers Workshop. Don’t make it a page and don’t piss yourself over it getting marked for deletion. You’re clogging stuff up by doing this! Post your draft on WW so you can get criticism and improve it

So yeah, sorry for a long post but this is just my thoughts! Have a great day/night wherever you are :-) (edited by Rigarmortis)  

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