If you've been here for a bit of time now, you'll notice that 99% of creepypastas end up with narrators losing, dying, the bad shit for them.

I honestly understand that this ending makes it more creepier. But my second thoughts emerge after I finish Seven Days: Log 1 and its series.

The story was okay. Nice play on terrible "creepy" characters. What irked me at the end was that the narrator lost. He played through all that shit and lost. Yeah, it was supposed to be like that, but it's starting to get depressing. The narrator fights as hard as he can, but humans always FAIL.

What I'm asking here isn't exactly far-fetched: I'm asking for a good pasta in which the narrator wins. The narrator doesn't "have to be free of his nightmares," but at least got the better side of a deal. Better than death, torture, Hell, whatever the alternative is. Examples like The Comfy and Cozy Cabin, For Love and Hot Chocolate, and hate to throw my two cents, but I guess, Every Step After Another. The narrator actually SURVIVES, if you know what I mean.

I'm pretty much requesting for a happy ending. Doesn't have to be all joyous, but, as I said, better than the alternative result(s). I am not condemning pastas with bad endings (very creepy in a good way), but it's just miserable reading fails and losses over and over.

So this was created to voice my opinion. Comments regarding this matter are appreciated. :)

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