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    While I was browsing through the wikia, picked up some stories that deserve far more attention than they currently are.

    Perfect Circle

    The Pastel Man


    A Long Detour


    A Simple Demonic Ritual

    Some older stories I read that also deserve attention:

    The Quarantine

    Something Is Wrong

    The Last Job

    Stay in Bed

    In the Woods

    The Gym Teacher

    A Perfect Memory

    All I could think of now. If you can, add more underrated pastas in the comment section! I'm tired of reading pastas like Dead Bart, Mr. Mix, and Normal Porn for Normal People, it's just getting dull. So, check these pastas out!

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  • RisingFusion


    June 12, 2015 by RisingFusion

    Sup everyone. I recently decided to take on the most dangerous job in the world - is it lion wrestling? Secret ninja jitsu? No, it's critiques. (Okay that sounded stupid.)

    Since I rather not review on every pasta I come across, I hope you people would, um, possibly ask for a pasta to be reviewed? My writing may have come from a drunkard high on cocaine, but I'll try to make my reviews as mature, solid, reasonable, and informative as my little brain can allow.

    Summing it up: if you want one of your precious pastas reviewed by a crazy asshole, comment below and provide a link to the story! First come, first serve. :P

    Uh, so yeah. Help me out with this and I'll TRY to help you out with your pastas. Thanks if you do.

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  • RisingFusion

    Maybe this subject has been discussed before, but I'm not in a mood to look for it in hundreds of thousands of blogs.

    When adding a category to a pasta, it usually has a clear theme. Occasionally, however, I get confused over what to put: "Beings" or "Monsters?"

    What I'm asking is that what's the difference between those two. They aren't the same, and it can be difficult telling them apart. My thoughts are:

    Beings are deceptive, slinking on the sidelines, while monsters just jump out at you with no sneaky approaches.

    Beings can have some self-control over themselves and their appetite, but monsters just unleash full bloody rage on their diet.

    You can reason with beings, you can't on a monster.

    Please share some thoughts with me, and I'll gladly …

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  • RisingFusion

    I would like for people to participate in this particular writing contest. I don't expect any people to come in, but might as well give it a try.

    The rules are similar to the 2015 Freestyle Writing Competition. Type "I'm in" or something related, and I will give you a topic/subject to write about. It cannot be an old pasta, it must be a new one. It cannot be a poem. When you are done, post the link to your story on the blog comments section and the subject, and I will take a look. I'm the only judge, haha.

    I need at least 7 people to participate. You may not complain about the given topic or subject. NSFW content is not allowed, if I found out about it, I am not rating your pasta. The ratings are given in the comments section, and I will inf…

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  • RisingFusion

    Hi, before I start off with any criticism or reviews, I'd like to introduce myself and this blog. I'm RisingFusion, and I love writing, although I am not very skilled at it. I decided I will write this blog to point out Creepypasta cliches and besties. Since pastas are being created all the time, this blog will be changed a lot.

    A lot of pastas, well, are terrible. They manage to pass the "line" but are simply repeating cliches. I am not a good writer, but I read, and what I have read are...bad.

    "Jeff the Killer" formulas are not permitted, but some still slip through, like replicated viruses.

    Step 1: fall in love with a hot girl/boy/evil monster.

    Step 2: (number 1): finds out the boy/girl/evil monster IS an evil monster, and evil monster kill…

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