Roman Hahn Roman Hahn 11 January 2018

Feedback is crucial at this point

I'm in the middle of writing another section of the story from the perspective of a US soldier, but I really, really need feedback on the other two stories I have on the Writer's Workshop forum. I really need to know if Lilith is alright the way it is and if the lack of plot in Vincent is alright. ;-;

I'm also thinking of writing another section from the perspective of Erebus(the main creature) and Drake(the Demon), but that may not be until the end. I'm also thinking of adding a third member to Drake's group just to see where it goes from there. I may make a total of ten stories. Two in the very beginning, two in the 15th-16th century, two during the 19th-20th century, two in the 21st-22nd century, and two at the end which may be the 23rd-…

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Roman Hahn Roman Hahn 9 January 2018

More fleshed out idea on stories

Kinda started to get an idea where I want to take these stories.  I still don't know how I'm going to end it though, but if you've read them, you'll be running across the Demon in nearly all of them. The story Lilith will go into deeper details about the Demon. Though I still need feedback on that story though. It's currently in the writer's workshop, waiting for input. In the meantime, I'll continue fleshing "It" out. Don't really know what name to give It yet. I've only managed to flesh out Its eyes and I think they came out alright. Just look at them :D

Anyways, I'll continue to plow my ideas on notepads and sketches as I think of a way to end the stories. I don't know how many stories I want to make before I finish the series. Guess on…

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Roman Hahn Roman Hahn 7 January 2018

Possible stories

Thinking of writing multiple stories that have different points of views from the same universe encountering the same being through a large gap of time. I barely wrote two stories so far but I don't know how good people might see them as. Hopefully they peak your interest and take a gander at them.

I don't really want to go into details about what kind of being It is because even I don't know. If you do read the stories, keep an open mind about what kind of creature it may be, if It is even a creature. We'll see where it goes from here.

I'll keep ya guys posted!

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