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Kinda started to get an idea where I want to take these stories.  I still don't know how I'm going to end it though, but if you've read them, you'll be running across the Demon in nearly all of them. The story Lilith will go into deeper details about the Demon. Though I still need feedback on that story though. It's currently in the writer's workshop, waiting for input. In the meantime, I'll continue fleshing "It" out. Don't really know what name to give It yet. I've only managed to flesh out Its eyes and I think they came out alright. Just look at them :D

Deep red eyes

Anyways, I'll continue to plow my ideas on notepads and sketches as I think of a way to end the stories. I don't know how many stories I want to make before I finish the series. Guess only time will tell!