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  • Scorch933

    Been awhile, a new year and everything. Gave me some time to think and time to write and some time to relook at some of my old stories, a lot of which I posted onto this site. One of the things I had been doing for a long time when I started writing was trying to cram as much shock content into stories as possible.

    One of the great things about writing and what makes it different from Film and Music is that it's free. There's freedom in doing so, being able to write about whatever you want. It allows you to convey your points, do your research, just ponder and think. It allows you to learn more about yourself, and others to learn about you. Part of writing a story is that you put ideas into the story. Ideas that you've created yourself, or …

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  • Scorch933

    A few thoughts

    November 23, 2013 by Scorch933

    Society prevents the subject matter. They believe it to be morally wrong and choose to force that moral upon us all. The political left claims that the political right is forcing their moral views on everyone, where the hypocrisy lies with the left. The political left is forcing their moral views on everyone, legalizing immoral things such as abortions, drugs, and pornography yet attempting to outlaw firearms, limit free speech, and, in the subject matter where they have succeeded, forcing upon everyone that the subject matter is immoral.

    I disagree. The subject matter comes to mind for many reasons. What is at the end of the road? What is waiting for us? Emptiness? Ultimate death? Rest? Heaven or Hell?

    No one considers the subject matter ju…

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  • Scorch933

    I mean, really now.

    Do you *all* think I am so stupid?

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  • Scorch933

    So i been thinkin

    November 4, 2013 by Scorch933

    Should users on the wiki be held accountable for things they say indirectly on other sites via private relays?

    Is it really the administrators' jobs now to go, find sources of dissent and threaten users for what they say to one another on a totally different site?

    Regardless, these people do say some terrible things, but do they not have the freedom to do so on a site where the authority on this wiki has no jurisdiction or place?

    Honestly I wish they were like me, voicing my problems directly, screaming them to the world so everyone hears. But still, even when a user copies and pastes logs of what has happened off wiki, on the wiki, are they not 1. Stirring up drama, and 2. Is it the administration's job to deal with it? No.

    What people say an…

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  • Scorch933

    "Rappers, heh, they rap about Crack and Coke and do meth because crack is too expensive."

    "The ones that sing about weed aren't sh*t because they're not even rapping about contraband. Are they Rappers or Hippies?"

    "A cat makes you happy. A braised and cooked cat makes me happy."

    "I've had so many weird foods, I could write a cookbook called '10 ways to *wok* your dog'..."

    "Who wins in a fight, Batman or Superman? Obviously Batman. He's had it with at least seven different women, Sex with the very hot femme fatale Tahlia, and the Man of Steel can't even use the pipe with Lois."

    "When the cashier tells me 'strip, facing forward', she is talking about my credit card."

    "Softball is *not* a medical condition."

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