• I live in random stages
  • I was born on October 9
  • My occupation is calling the doctor
  • I am the sin of the times
  • ScrewYouDinkleberg

    As the days come by, I'll start to be more busy than before. That means, I'm not going to do much like I did before, and I won't be able to edit like I used to anymore. 

    The reason is very simple: I can't waste time on things that are not essencial anymore, and even though I don't really consider spending some of my time here as a waste, I need to change for real this year.

    So yeah, don't expect me "spamming" the activity feed like before. I'm still alright and there's nothing bothering me at the moment. So yeeh bye.

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  • ScrewYouDinkleberg

    So, just right now, chat was shut down, and today is the first day of 2015.

    I'm not going to complain about the chat shutdown. I really won't. What really matters around here is the site itself. Deal with this.

    As for me, I won't go to other wiki's chat or send any of me adresses from other places, unless it's something REALLY needed. Things were good while it lasted.

    I'll just keep editing, like I usually do. And for those who complain about the chat being shut down, stay here and do something productive or get out. 

    A new year has come, a new change had to be made. 

    Hello 2015.

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  • ScrewYouDinkleberg

    I don't get it why, but some people love my name for some odd reason. Probably because it's exotic or something, and it's outside the common language used here and in other wikis as well. Some people also ask me how do you pronounce it, so here I am, making this rather stupid blog, explaining this, to have no more further questions about this.

    Step 1

    The "Thi" part is pronounced like "Tea" or literally, the letter T. The H in Portuguese is mute, and the I sounds like E.

    Step 2

    the A is pronounced pretty much in the same way you shout "AAAAAHHH!" when someone hurts you, as an example.

    Step 3 

    The "Go" part explains itself. Do you know when a P.E teacher tells you to run like there's no tomorrow in a random square-sized area, and shouts "GO!"? Yea…

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  • ScrewYouDinkleberg

    So, I was casually searching for music videos around Youtube like I usually do. I searched for one of my favorite Disco songs, Funkytown, and one of the first results was this. 

    I mean, seriously? How the hell was that accepted to appear on TV? Why the girls look so weird? Why do they often look at me? Why they shake their heads? Why the keep doing creepy dance moves? Why they freeze from nowhere? Do New York people dance like that? What's the meaning of all of this?!?!?

    And no, I'm not roleplaying, and this is not a pasta I made, this seriously creeped me out when I first saw this, and this happened -_-. I wish I could not have these girls in my head now.

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  • ScrewYouDinkleberg

    So, quite recently I'm having a really weird problem going on with me. I can't focus on anything important, I keep forgetting simple or important things randomly as well, and this is really worrying me. I was a brand new person at the beggining of this year in real life, and now it seems like I'm back to the same problems I suffered before with many other things, being most of them games.

    In the end of the day, I think I'm really addicted on doing stuff on this site. While I love helping the site and the staff, I think this is deeply hurting me as well. While I ignored my problems for a very long time, now I regret not doing the decision of taking a break earlier than now.

    I'm planning on blocking myself for two weeks from editing in a few da…

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