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    I've taken note lately that certain people are attempting to take a "mystery" approach to their stories. This isn't a bad thing, but there's a lot of things that go into it in order to pull it off correctly.

    Usually when something is mysterious, it leaves you wondering about it, thinking about it. It doesn't confuse you, as some of the stories end up doing. But how is this done? Usually, it depends. Maybe a character's motives or backstory are left out. The idea "Nothing is Scarier" comes to mind here. Maybe the cause of all the trouble is left completely untouched upon.

    Done right, this can make or break a story. Done wrong, and it'll screw things up.

    I'm getting to that. Give me a moment.

    First off, let's look at what fails stories that attemp…

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    I'm not posting this as a full-apology. Whereas the actions and controversies that happened in my past adminship were something I regret, I'm posting this namely for historical reasons. This is so that people know that I'm fully aware and responsible for my past missteps as an administrator. I feel as though those who are going to forgive me have already done so, and an apology would be redundant. If I'm going to apologize, I am going to do so through actions, not words.

    On March 2nd, 2014, I was promoted from VCROC and Chat Moderator to administrator. From there, I attempted to make a lot of progressive actions and help the site any way I could. Some worked. Some... not so much. Over the course of the next several months, I would attempt t…

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    I can't tell you how many countless times a story with good potential has fallen flat because of bad characters.

    Flat characters aren't always a bad thing, don't get me wrong. But when all of your characters, especially your major characters, are flat then something is wrong. Characters should develope with the story naturally. Major characters are often faced with conflicts or decisions and have to make choices reflecting their personality - over time, the story also changes or reveals bits and pieces of their personality. This is referred to as character development.

    Seventh grade English class tells us that a Flat Character is a character that is basically unknown - they don't get character development. We don't know much about their perso…

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    Instead of going to each individual person to request a review, I'm just going to go ahead and make a blog post. Anyhow, recently I posted my latest story The Dress and Cat Mask. I'm looking for some people to review it and give me their opinions as to how to improve it.

    If everything works well enough, I'm considering making it into a series:

    • The Dress and Cat Mask - The story mentioned above.
    • The Tailor's Duty - This story is meant to go into the roles of the Tailor and more in-depth into the Sacred Family. It's going to take place from the point of view of the son as well as go more into the dress-making process.
    • The Scriptures of Jark-hul - Exactly what it says on the tin. The story will get into the Sacred Family, and is meant to explain …
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    Wikia needs to get its shit straight when it comes to blog pages. Anyhow, on with the point.

    I see a lot of stories now a days with what seem to be incredibly stupid characters. And I mean incredibly stupid characters. This is where you get the idea of the title: Stupid is as the Main Character does.

    What's stupid about them? Let me put it this way: your character needs to be given choices. When it comes to those choices and how they are in a situation, they should the absolute stupidest decisions possible. Given that, you now have an idiot main character. And to make it particularly annoying? Tell us that the character is actually intelligent.

    Now, I obviously understand that such precious stories that are near and dear to our hearts such as …

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