I am Sentient Dessert. I prefer to use the pseudonym currently. Do not take it as unfriendliness, please take it as anxiety.

I am happy to finally have joined and contributed to this wiki. I have wanted to share some stories that have been sitting on digital media for a while. I do not want to deluge, so I will space out posting.

I have been writing for most of my life. I tend to be extremely critical and view my own work poorly most of the time. Even if I am happy with it as a story for me, I don't neccisarily feel that others would enjoy. Some encouragement from some friends have led to to sharing more.

Being critical carries over to reading, and taking some text analysis classes have fostered some nit picky tendancies. This translates, I think, with this enclave, as constructive criticism when I offer any. And avoiding vague comments. If I cannot express why I don't like something in a story, or can only say "I don't like it," it is best to not say anything. I know we all have different writing styles, different interests and desires from the stories we read, and that we are all seeking something that we can connect with and hopefully give us some form of unease.

Psychological horror is my favorite flavour. Especially those that have roots in folklore. I quite enjoy Asian horror, and love to find new and share old with people interested and willing. A Tale of Two Sisters would be a good example of what tickles my horror bone. Though I will give anything a chance to see if it will scare me. I'm hoping to be able to direct something in the genre in the future. Stage or film.

I will lurk unless I have something I feel is beneficial to say. Though I can be rather verbose if the mood strikes me, this post case in point. My keyboard likes to miss letters too, so typos will likely show their head until I can replace.

It is late, and fatigue is setting in. I shall sign off for now. And remember... I am always observing... and we are always near. /º-º\

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