Hello fellow creeps,

Just wanted to take the opportunity to single out a few people with some much deserved appreciation for helping make A Figure in the Fog the latest Pasta of the Month.

Big thanks to RisingFusion for nominating the story.

Shout out to SnakeTongue237 for hosting the contest I originally wrote it for and providing a truly awesome title.

Thanks to Jay ten and SoPretentious for your suggestions regarding plot points and grammatical faux pas.

A howl at the moon for my occasional rival and always good friend HumboldtLycanthrope who is probably a bigger fan of the Wicker House stories than I am and went out of his way to drum up support for this one. If you haven't read his work you should...with caution.

Muchas gracias to Joel and the boys over at Let's Read! for their fantastic narration of the story.

And lastly, of course, thanks to everyone who voted. There were some very good stories nominated this month and I'm truly honored you picked mine. For those that have yet to read it, I hope it meets all your expectations for scares and bumps in the night.

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