Anti-Cliche Creepypasta Contest

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Lets face it, Creepypasta is riddled with cliches. One thing people have noticed though, is that cliches can be done well, and even overcome. That's the entire concept of this contest.

If you think you can defeat a cliche, simply comment that you are in below. Tomorrow morning (May 5th, East Coast US), I will assign a cliche idea, concept, or plot piece to you. Your job is simply to pull off a well executed story with it.

Each story will be reviewed, and I highly recommend placing your finished story below, so it will be easy to track. Due to some rules, your story may not be fit to be hosted on site, regardless of quality. In these cases, I recommend putting your story on another website and linking it, or perhaps a special category will be set up to keep these stories under leash.

I think the site can overcome these bad portions. Do you think you can? As for an official deadline, I do not think I will put one in place, is this is not a very competitive contest. It is more or less an event.

Thanks to Underscorre for providing a link to It is a place to post your story without making an account off site, and is 100% safe to use.

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