Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. A little over a year ago, I hosted the Anti-Cliche Creepypasta Contest.

Today starts a fresh contest. In this second run of the Anti-Cliche Creepypasta Contest, there is some added fun. Upon entering the contest, both judges (MrDupin and I) will assign you a cliche each. Do not begin writing your story until you have been given two cliches to work with. Your goal is to make both of these cliches work in a single story - the larger the role they play, the better.

MrDupin and I are the judges, and we'll both be leaving reviews on the entries. The final score of the story will be the average of our two scores. Your story must meet the site's quality standards. If you wish, you can use the writer's workshop before submitting it.

Word limit: 10,000.


  • The two runner-ups (or one, if attendance is low) can choose a story of theirs to get reviewed extremely in-depthly by both MrDupin and I.
  • The second place winner will have their story narrated by my friend and our lovely author/narrator KillaHawke1. You may thank him directly for being willing to do this prize.
(Here is a link to his Youtube channel for a better idea of what you'll be getting - Sids Super Sidious Creepypastas He does great work.)
  • The first prize winner will be given a front-page spot to show off their new story for some exposure in October (or November, depending on scenario) and also a narration by KillaHawke1.

(Note: If you wish to be in the running for the first or second place prizes, please make sure your story isn't too NSFW. A little bit is fine, but keep in mind it will be on the front page and/or narrated.)

Starting point: September 7th.

Ending point: September 21st. (depending on case, you may ask for a personal extension- an instance of this would be joining the contest late. Do not expect a massive time increase, however)

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