Well, I finally get to make this blog post. After leagues upon leagues of setbacks and trials, the In Torment series, which I have been writing on this wiki for just over two entire years, has been published. It may be found here- Mantle. I will be publishing an updated lore breakdown for anyone in need of catching up with the story, or refreshing their memory.

It's certainly been quite the trip. Staying with the same band of characters for two years and developing your writing skills alongside their own development creates an artistic bond that truly completes the feeling of writing. This has been an experience I would not give for the world, and I owe the entire ordeal to this wiki and the users that acted as my crutch when I began writing this series. Without those users, I would not have improved, and I would not have a finished product to be remarkably proud of.

This is the complete finish of the series. I do not ever intend to touch any characters from this series ever again, and I am not sure if I'll ever use the lore again. A piece of me just wants to lay it all in the same coffin and give it a burning funeral.

Eventually, a published anthology of the series will be available both as a free E-book and a purchasable physical form. I will post two pieces of the art I have had made for that project through Carlo V.'s artistic talent.

Thank you all once more for this experience. Whether many people were with me on this road or not, it's a road I'm endlessly happy I traveled.

In Torment Book Cover
In Torment Runes
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