Hello, Creepypasta Wiki Community. I'm here to speak about a specific taboo interest a lot of people have considered in life (be it lightly, or in depth), but you would assume is reserved for medical students and the like. I am, as you could see by the title of this blog, speaking about the purchase and ownership of authentic human remains.

Whilst it's true that most vendors will only sell to medical students out of respect for the remains and to assure proper treatment, this is not true of all websites. I present to you: Skulls Unlimited. Contrary to the title of this blog, Skulls Unlimited also has animal remains available, and contrary to the website name, they sell any bone you could imagine- along with replicas. All replicas are stated clearly in the product name, but please be sure to know what you're purchasing.

You can purchase all of these items at a rather excellent price. Animal skulls from 25-90$ (highly depending on species, of course, along with what bone), for instance. Along with that, for you paleontology fans, you can buy actual dinosaur bones and fossilized eggs for very cheap (16$ for a recreation of a claw? 18$ for an authentic trilobite) But, this blog's topic is specifically the remains of humans and their purchasing process.

You might be interested in the fossil selections. Obviously mostly replicas, you can purchase the skulls and bones of our ancestors, along with some genuine tool parts.

Now, onto the main piece of business.

On this website, you can buy skulls from 850-1850$ USD. They are primarily research quality, and flawless. Teeth and jaw included, they sell variations of all sorts. Of course, you can purchase a normal skull to display, or you can purchase a vertically sliced human skull, or one that comes apart into many pieces to show how it fits together?

As for human bones, the prices are phenomenal. You can purchase an entire skeleton (if you have just under five thousand USD to spare), half skeletons (almost three thousand), or individual bones. I highly recommend the individual bones.

Ever wanted a human rib for 10$? What about ten for 60$? How does s 14$ vertebrae sound? Have any other bone in mind, and they likely are selling it. Doesn't even have to be our species.

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