Entry #3 Tuesday 15th October, 2013, 20:36pm

This diary is now the only one I can confide in. It won't tell anyone and it will listen to me. She's dead. Emily, my best friend, is dead. And it's all my fault. I should of stayed! I should of helped her! I should of at least fought!!! But I didn't. I ran. And now, I sit here, trembling as I write this. It happened when Emily and I were coming back from the cinema after seeing Now You See Me when this guy came from nowhere. He had two friends with him. He grabbed up both and took out a knife. I struggled to get free and eventually I did. Then I ran. But not before I heard her. I heard my best friend scream my name in agony. I turned, seeing blood racing down her white shirt, various stab wounds across her torso. There was a long cut, across her stomach, and to my utter disgust, the leader of the small gang and cackling and pulling out her guts. I can picture her now. Her pale, grey skin. Those dead eyes, staring at me as I ran, full of betrayal. The entrails of her stomach where sprawled across the opening of the alleyway. This picture is now firmly in my mind. I can't escape it's grasp. But no-one can know. What would happen to me? I would be put in prison or something, right?! You are now the keeper of my greatest secret, Diary. I can feel that pull of someone staring at me, again, Diary. My neck's hairs have risen. I think there is someone outside. Let me go and check. Bye!

It's seen