She does not have much time. But just enough to get this all out, I think. It is coming for Her. I do not know the exact time but It will come. And She knows. This is why I have chosen to write about how it happened. How She sentenced herself to death. Like a lamb to the slaughter. Over the couple of months that She has been a target, I have collected notes and information about her current experience. And maybe, just maybe, if there is another among the people who read this, you can avoid the same fate as her.


Emily Sanderson was waiting. Well, more like targeting the poor victim she was looking out for. Her pink, plump lips were stretched into a cruel smirk as she lent on the corridor wall, her gaze focused on the English room she new he was in. He thought that he could out-smart his tormentor by staying after class a little longer? The very thought of Emily silently chuckle in amusement. An extra punishment was needed for his ignorant behavior. The English door creaked open, making Emily's posse squeal in excitement. Out of the door came a small, chubby boy. He was obviously younger than the girls, his face filled with freckles and some black, block-glassed where perched on his snotty nose. The boy, Jamie Lukes stared in horror at the gang of girls in front of him. He subconsciously rubbed a bruise on his jaw from the last time he tried to avoid these girls. He new that history was about to repeat itself as soon as he saw the smirk on the leader's face. Emily strode up to him as he cowered. Her fists slammed into him and for the entire beating, Jamie wondered why he was being treated like this. He wished they would stop. His mind chanted 'Someone stop their laughter!' Over and over, wanting a saviour. Jamie did not realise what he had awoken.

It's watching.