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    Narration requests

    October 12, 2019 by Soulz Studios

    This post will list all my requested story narrations that you guys and gals will be able to narrate, please link the story in the description of the narration as well as credit me Soulz Studios.

    Thats all of them for now if you narrate one of the stories then il narrate one of yours, link your narration in the comments bellow.

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  • Soulz Studios

    Narrations blog

    September 28, 2019 by Soulz Studios

    Welcome to my narrations blog post where i will post narrated creepypastas that are uploaded on my channel.

    The Wind Walker:



    The Rake

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  • Soulz Studios

    If you guys have any narration requests then link the creepypasta or creepypastas in the comments of this blog post.

    Gore has to be decreased as youtube have changed theyre guidelines.

    Also add in the authors username in your creepypasta narration requests to give proper credit.

    The narration will be uploaded on my youtube channel Soulz Studios in the creepypasta narrations playlist.

    The author will be notified when the narration is uploaded aswell as the one who sugested it.                                          

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  • Soulz Studios

    How do i add the usernames of the readers in pages

    I have asked others about this and well, it didnt help.

    Please if you know the answer then leave me the code or text i need to enter in the pages.

    the first one that leaves the most helpfull comment will get his creepypasta narrated by me.

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  • Soulz Studios

    A masive update has completely changed my newest fandom it was formely for horror related content only.

    But now the name changed to Flamintales and any story categories can be writhin.

    If you would like to help the fandom grow then wright your own stories or spread the word

    Please make sure to read the guidelines before getting started

    Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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