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    What are Ellipses?

    November 21, 2014 by Steam Phoenix

    What are ellipses? You know, these things: ...

    I'll tell you what they are in this rant/blog/Writing advice piece. They aren't... something... you put into every sentence... like... this... They're ellipses. They're meant for trailing off, more or less. When there's more to be said that hasn't been said, then you put an ellipsis.

    "I don't think that's such a good idea, because... you know..." Todd said, hinting at the camera in the corner of the room.

    It is also used to omit large sections of text. For example, if a letter a person gets in your story is smeared, the text that is smeared over gets omitted via ellipses. 

    ""There's a small area to the... It's covered in ice, and full of..."

    The remainder of the letter was smeared with blood, makin…

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  • Steam Phoenix

    I'm taking a break from my break to write this and then going back on my break.

    So you write a story. You put it up; the grammar is fine, the plot is fine, etc etc. But it still gets deleted. You ask why, and get told this: you put not a single hint of explanation behind the events important to the story, albeit you were more than happy to explain the most minor, least important things in it.

    Information is important. It's how we communicate, how we assess things, how we draw conclusions, etc. Effectively, we operate our entire lives off of information of some type; and stories are not different.

    When writing your story, ask yourself a few minor questions:

    • Is it important?
    • Is it going to come back later?
    • Does it have anything to do with the stor…

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  • Steam Phoenix

    After some recent events and some users getting a few concerns about my mental health at the current moment, thus encouraging that I do this, I'm taking yet another (proper) break. This time, no contacting me about something on site, no giving out advice that takes my mind off of doing something to help myself relax. Since, my last break was overcome by that for some apparent reason.

    So, yes, I'm taking another break. But this time, it'll be until the end of the month when the Writing Project and Music contests are meant to be finished. Now, because I'm not a bitch, I'm not going to say "Don't even fucking talk to me, I'm on vacation." You are all my friends so you know where I'll be (same place as last time: Second Life in Trotsdale). If y…

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  • Steam Phoenix

    For the purpose of the blog at hand, let's define a Mary Stu. A Mary (or Gary) Stu is commonly called an overpowered character. In the terms of creepypasta, or horror in general, it's a character so utterly overpowered, horrifying, and unescapable that it's ridiculous. It's that perfect villain that always wins.

    Why are they bad? Because they're not exactly round characters. They fall flat, and no matter how well described you make the character's point of view of him/her/it, they're incredibly boring. Commonly, they're accompanied by poor description of the character itself other than "it was the most terrifying being X character had ever seen in his life!" Even when there is more than that, they're accompanied by a not-exactly-horrifying …

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  • Steam Phoenix

    Due to recent real life events that I've had to resolve, I've been left with a major burnout. So, I'm moving the Staff Training classes up to the week after the original shcedule (the 13th) so I can prepare everything but still take a couple of days off in the process. Everything else will continue pretty much as planned.

    Anyhow, I'm taking 2-3 days off from the wiki to relax a little. Play some Second Life, perhaps work on a song, whatever. See ya then.

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