After some recent events and some users getting a few concerns about my mental health at the current moment, thus encouraging that I do this, I'm taking yet another (proper) break. This time, no contacting me about something on site, no giving out advice that takes my mind off of doing something to help myself relax. Since, my last break was overcome by that for some apparent reason.

So, yes, I'm taking another break. But this time, it'll be until the end of the month when the Writing Project and Music contests are meant to be finished. Now, because I'm not a bitch, I'm not going to say "Don't even fucking talk to me, I'm on vacation." You are all my friends so you know where I'll be (same place as last time: Second Life in Trotsdale). If you want to talk as friends, sure. If I'm not there I'll be writing or working on music.

But, generally, this will literally be time OFF. No site stuff or "What do I do in this situation?!". Skelly and a few others have pinned an excessively exhausted me into a corner. So. yeah. No site stuff. No nothing to sit there and deal with.

EDIT: My Sister forgot to pay the internet bill. Currently, I'm sitting outside Mcdonalds using its Wi-fi at two in the morning freezing my ass off.  So I'll be off, again, until that is taken care of. Forgive me, but my life has been pretty hectic as of late so I've not been able to get back on my feet at the current time.

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