After I got permission from Sloshed, I decided to do this little highlighted thread to you musicians and producers out there. This is a contest to see who can design the best theme song for the wiki.

The song can be in any genre, but must be an original song (by you), and cannot be a remix. You may, however, use samples. It needs to match the feel and theme of the wiki, but it can be at any tempo, pitch, or note you see necessary. Make it good (obviously).

To enter, upload the song to your Youtube channel and leave a link to it on this blog post or the thread. (YOU WILL NEED TO DO THIS.) If there's no link, then it isn't entered and will not be considered. As an alternate path if you don't have a Youtube account or don't wish to use Youtube, you may upload an .ogg file and post it here.

The winner will have their song featured on the main page until such a time that a similar contest comes up. They will also possibly receive a sample pack if I can put it together in time - but this is not yet set in stone. I will update with a post on the status of it. See the thread for details.

There are six judges: Myself, Mystreve, Sloshedtrain, G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY, Finnonymous, and Sadofreedomist. In the event of a tie a tiebreaker will be held.

Note that it needs to represent the wiki as a whole, not just what's popular. Try to avoid references to specific stories. Lyrics and singing are allowed and in fact encouraged, but will be judged on the same premise as an instrumental track.

Entries are due by Halloween. One entry per person.

Further questions may be left on my talk page.

(Note: If you post your entry here, there is no need to post it on the thread.)

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