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    My first serious (half - serious) blog post from my new account! :D

    Anyhow, every one of my fellow admins, as have I, have heard it before. 

    "Why did you delete my story?! It was my first story, take it easy!!!"

    Frankly, it's not a good idea to post your very first story here, unless you're a natural born writer. Largely because of our standards and largely because of the quality of many many MANY first stories, they'll usually get deleted.

    Usually it's a better idea to post your story on, say, a site that will give you criticism, but not provide unnecessary intimidation from our standards. Somewhere such as Spinpasta, for example. That was where I posted my first story. That being said, that doesn't mean never to post here - but let yourself gr…

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  • Steam Phoenix

    After I got permission from Sloshed, I decided to do this little highlighted thread to you musicians and producers out there. This is a contest to see who can design the best theme song for the wiki.

    The song can be in any genre, but must be an original song (by you), and cannot be a remix. You may, however, use samples. It needs to match the feel and theme of the wiki, but it can be at any tempo, pitch, or note you see necessary. Make it good (obviously).

    To enter, upload the song to your Youtube channel and leave a link to it on this blog post or the thread. (YOU WILL NEED TO DO THIS.) If there's no link, then it isn't entered and will not be considered. As an alternate path if you don't have a Youtube account or don't wish to use Youtube,…

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    As promised, months back, I said I would post the soundtrack I was working on here in a blog post on my old account. Once my banking stuff is sorted out, I will be releasing the soundtrack via Bandcamp for $5.00. Due to time constraints, the soundtrack number has been lowered from 10 tracks to 8 tracks. I am still getting the format done on the 8th track which I will upload tonight, but here are the first 7. When I upload the eighth I will update this post.

    Here are the templates so you can hear the songs.

    - Equestrian Freedom Fighters
    - Ceiling Nick
    - All Hail the Evil King
    - Wub Storm
    - Selling Point
    - I am the Creator, Let the Music Play
    - Some Song I Made

    As a bonus for not having the eighth track up (yet), enjoy my first attempt at…

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