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I am T-Zigma☀Я Т-Сигма

10 years ago I wrote a story in some Internet forums, it was copied and pasted by different Internet sites, making it impossible to know who was the author of that "horror story".

In 2010 I wrote a story called The Go To Sleep Origin, at that time I was a young and inexperienced girl who adored stories like Carmen Winsted and horror movies and books, a year later in 2011 and to my surprise my story went viral , but I was not and I did not want to be famous, however, I was glad to see that something I did 10 years ago, everyone liked, until 2014 when I saw that I was forced to sign copyright, however, it was not Something that I did I made public because the story began to seem a bit silly, however, I loved how everyone made Jeffrey Woods one of the most beloved and overrated creepypasta characters, that's why I was interested in literature and writing, of course, I had to study for it, I walked away from the idea of ​​being famous because it really is not for me, currently in 2020 I have finally wanted to show myself for a simple reason, I want to continue making stories but of better quality, I want to be part of this community,  I want to create content, I want to show you my work.

many know Sesseur as the creator of Jeff, but he really is not, I am the author of The Go To Sleep Origin.

It's too late? 

In 2008 I was an active user in 4chan I started writing "horror stories" I was very young, most of them were silly and followed the same pattern, I was looking for disturbing and random images to write my short stories, it was in 4chan in 2009 that I found the famous image, but just as I found that image I also found a series of posts that talked about Katty Robinson and the supposed "suicide" of this girl, I didn't question me, I just believed it and felt bad for her, according to the image post the They created in 2006, that is to say, it is much much older, however, I was a "fan of terror on the internet", I collected a lot of terrifying images and that seemed interesting to me, in the same year I came across the video of Sesseur which was published in 2008 where he used the same image of "" Katy Robinson "" Sesseur's story did not like me at all, it seemed honestly boring and I knew all this about the alleged suicide of Katy Robinson, if it occurred to me to do Something different, I loved slasher movies and I was not the only one who had used that image, like many others, many people took the same image and made their own short stories using the same images, so at the time I believed that there was nothing wrong with using the same image however I made the mistake of putting the same names that Sesseur placed in his story "jeff" "liu" but despite this our stories are far from each other.

Zark star.png

To begin with, the Jeff that belongs to Sesseur is called Jeff C Hodek and he is over 30 years old, currently, his appearance is far from the modified image of Katy Robinson, his skin is normal, his hair is short and blond, his eyes are green and he has a chin and he wears blue

Liu Hodek is also very different. He has blue eyes, a beard, long brown hair, glasses and wears red.  while the Jeff that belongs to me is the one that everyone knows, long charcoal black hair, white skin like a corpse, blue eyes, he wears black and white and wears all star shoes, burned unemployed and a cut mouth simulating a Smile, Jeff was 13 in my story, but currently, he is between 19 and 21 years old. the stories of both characters are different, their personalities are different including their phrases

Jeff Hodek / It's Enjoy

Jeffrey Woods / Go To Sleep

many people make the mistake of giving Sesseur credits for my character Jeffrey Woods, but it is not their fault, I decided to hide me, I always remained anonymous, but no more .... in 2014 something happened that forced me to take the Jeff Woods's copyright, the story I wrote when I was 13 in 2010, but I don't claim to own Jeff The Killer, I just want to get better, Update the story, and share my other stories, to get to know me as the girl who created Jeff The killer / Jeffrey Woods...

A New Jeff The Killer  

As I said I want to improve Jeff's story in a canonical way I have had many ideas, I have written some things, but I am afraid to publish them, I really had an accidental success, with a bad story, but if I want, I need to improve, I want to improve, I want to share my work During these years I have developed a great affection for Jeff, even though at the time I was ashamed of his story, since it was really bad, but despite that, it is my own, there were obviously things that I did not like, like the fangirls turned a MENTAL SICK into a "lover", but it wasn't so bad, it bothered me, but ... it seemed incredible to me all the love and over-esteem that Jeff had at the time, and in a certain way it made me "happy" even if nobody knew me I felt "recognized" currently I just want to use that potential that Jeff has, give him the story he deserves, I know that a fan in 2015 did a "remake" of Jeff, it seems decent and better than my painful story of 2010 but , is still a Fanon and legally only I can give a continuation or canonical Remake, but I do not say that it is wrong, I really DO NOT WANT TO PRIVATIZE JEFF I do not want to be selfish in that sense, I do not think to monetize Jeff you can still do what you wish with Jeff because It is ours, not only mine ... I only want the credit, I know that it is 10 years that nothing was known about me, I know that there will be people who reject me, but I only hope that one of them will give me their support, I know that there is a fanfiction called Insanity and that it is a book that is for sale is not free, this personally displeases me a lot, but that's fine, I just don't like it but if you need the money or want to show your work, excellent do it, but just give me credits, you use a character of mine ...

after that I would like to thank the artists, the fans and the fangirls, everyone really, thank you very much, it makes me very happy to see how they expanded such a bad story, how they make such beautiful drawings of my character, big or small artists, I really appreciate it, also thanks to those who created the stories of Homicidal Liu, Jane The Killer / Arkensaw, Jeff vs Slenderman, Jeff vs Jane, Jeff vs Liu and many more, even Nina even though I honestly dislike it, but well thank you very much to all Below I will share a little information on Jeff's canon and in the future maybe I will fix, complete, or rewrite his story and publish it if you want ... 1.Full Name: Jeffrey Andrew Woods

2. Ancestry: Russian

3. Nationality: Canadian (for now)

4.height: 1.85 m ,6'1 ft

5. age: 21

6. trade: hitman, murderer

7. Disorders: Depression, short and long term memory loss, autophagy, schizophrenia, fatal family sleep disorder, hysteria, anxiety, agonophilia, Algolagnia, psychopathy, cannibalistic, sadistic, and suicidal disorder.

8.weapons: hunting knives, chains, hooks, all kinds of a stab, wrench, lock, and anything you can open and hang someone with.


mother: Margaret Matthews

father: Peter Woods

brother: Liu A, Woods

paternal grandfather: Edgar Woods

paternal grandmother: Lilium Didenko

Maternal grandmother: Agatha Couve

Maternal Grandfather: Charles Matthews

Paternal Aunt: Rebecca Woods

COUSINS: Juddy Paton

Charlie Paton

Billie Paton

10. Enemies: Slenderman, Homicidal Liu, "Jane the Killer"

11. Goals: having a ................ just wants to be really happy

12. Personality: Sadistic, shy, lonely, violent, rude, sometimes he is kind, witty, clumsy, suspicious, pessimistic, he cares almost nothing, not even himself, nothing ... except "something" before so many mental illnesses he had a big heart, he would give everything for ... "something" tends to lie to himself and mutilate himself.

He doesn't know how to talk to people except with .......... and finally he hides his emotions a lot but he is a sensitive and internally broken guy, especially volatile.

13. Tastes: apart from human blood and meat, he likes mustard, he loves sweets, he has a fondness for knives, he loves to torture and kill people, sometimes he talks to the voices he hears, he likes to spy on people. people who have nothing to do with him, yes, he is a crazy stalker, he likes to work, do something whatever, he likes sports jackets, and the addidas brand, he likes to build things but what he does is real crap, he loves the night, rain, cloudy days and forests, he is good at gymnastics, but he sucks at sports, basically in a sport, he is playing not killing, he likes to put needles in his eyes, he likes to eat live insects.

14. Jeff speaks strange

15. sexuality: straight

16. he loves "something" "someone" very very important to him

17. For him, it is addictive to kill, to hurt himself and that important "something"

18. Liu is the older brother

19. Jeff and Juddy are almost like brothers

20. hates sushi, he is claustrophobic, hates straitjackets hates being lied to.

21. His teeth are somewhat sharp and I will explain that in the new story that I will write and much more.

22. Jeff's favorite season is fall

23. his favorite color is orange

24. His birthday is October 31

25. Doesn't mind eating bad things

26. he likes the smell of soap

27. He had to work as a janitor several times until Shell gave him work (I will also explain when and if I publish the remake everything will make sense I promise)

28. in school he was excellent in mathematics and gymnastics but in the rest he sucked

29. Jeff and Liu never had a good relationship, they appreciated each other before, but now they hate each other to the death

30. favorite food, jelly

31. Jeff's favorite song is Acid Rain by Lorn

32. original theme songs:

A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums

Icepeak - Crystalline

Icepeak - tears

Stupid, Sadistic, and Suicidal - Mindless Self Indulgence

Shut me up - Mindless Self Indulgence

Neuroticfish - Funny Farm (they're coming to take me away)

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