So what would you consider to be the worst Creepypasta? I'll take votes for the pasta here.


  • No Sonic.exe, since almost everyone would pick that. This wouldn't be interesting if it was allowed on this list.
  • You don't have to choose a pasta on this list.
  • You can choose pastas that have been deleted from the CP wiki, but the pasta must have been on this wiki for over a week.

Votes (Click on the pastas to read them):

Baby Blue - 1

BEN Drowned - 3

Blood Whistle - 1

Bound to Death (SOG Read) - 1

Happy Appy - 1

Jane the Killer - 9

Jeff the Killer - 8

The Lion King Sega Game Creepypasta - 1

Pokémon Lost Silver - 1

The Real Chuck E. Cheese - 2

Squidward's Suicide - 2

Ticci Toby - 1

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