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  • TheDoctorFF

    Hey, IDK if anyone even watches this, but I got a new story. Only issue is, I don't think this site is the right place to post it. It's atmospheric for sure, but for reasons I hope will become apparent if any of you were to read this tale, I don't think that the creepypasta wiki is the right home for this story. If anyone wants to see it, you can find it here:

    Particularly proud of this one, actually. It was fun to right, and hopefully it's a thoughtful piece.

    If you enjoy horror, it should still appeal to you, I tried to make it as creepy as possible.

    Like I said, however, there are some aspects of it (particularly during the resolution) that wouldn't make it a good fit here. Please …

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  • TheDoctorFF

    Upcoming Stories:

    December 6, 2016 by TheDoctorFF

    I have a couple, many, lots of short stories in the pipeline. After finals I plan to be bringing to you the first two on this list.

    -The Bridge

    A man recounts his family's first move to the forests of New Hampshire, and the strange occurrences that took place there involving a boy, his friend, and the bridge they always played on.


    A man, adrift at sea, is saved by a kind captain of a freighter ship, but when the man brings something unspeakably evil with him how long will the captain's kindness hold?

    More to come soon.

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