TheShadyNerd TheShadyNerd 22 February 2013

HAPPY 10000 PAGES!!!

So, as of yesterday, the wiki hit 10,000 pages. That's pretty huge. So, I'd like to be the first (that I know of) to say:

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TheShadyNerd TheShadyNerd 10 January 2013

What Do?

When going through my "Following" tab, I go in every couple days to clear the deleted stories. But, for some reason, I've got one that is persistent as hell. It doesn't disappear when I clear it, as has been there for several days. And now today, I noticed that it has a friend. So I now that I know that I'm not being stalked by a deleted Pokepasta and that it's probably a glitch, does anyone know how to fix it?

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TheShadyNerd TheShadyNerd 31 December 2012

Proper Nouns 101

Hello, everyone, I just felt a PSA was in order for a certain thing I've been noticing more and more: the non-capitalization of proper nouns.

What's a proper noun, you ask? 'Go to school', I answer, before I explain: A proper noun is any noun (person, place, thing, or idea) that has a title/name. The proper noun is capitalized, since names are capitalized, unlike nouns, which are left uncapitalized. Do you need an example of when to do this? Again, I say 'Go to school', but here are some examples of what I'm talking about.

-"I played minecraft." vs. "I played Minecraft."

Sentence #2 is correct, since Minecraft is a specific video game and has a title.

-"I went to the library." vs. "I went to the Library."

Unless "The Library" is the official ti…

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TheShadyNerd TheShadyNerd 17 December 2012

Proper Places

I went on a streak there... I took the 'Videos' tag off of everything that didn't actually have a video, a video link, or a broken link that should've led to a video. Any thoughts on stuff I could do next? Or reprimendings I need to be given for doing something I may or may not have been allowed to do in the first place? Things already done:

  • Minecraft pasta work (Herobrine is a Ghost, a Meme; remove Video Games and Computers/Internet tags)
  • Removed Video Games from Zelda pastas and add Memes (might need Ghosts, too) for BEN pastas
  • Removed pages with no videos or video links (broken or otherwise) from the Videos category

Some of the other stuff I want to do in the same vein:

  • Remove "Video Game" tag from Pokemon pastas, as they do not require both…

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TheShadyNerd TheShadyNerd 3 December 2012

A Simple Question

What is the most terrifying thing you've ever experienced in your life? I like hearing peoples' answers to this question, so I thought I'd ask here, since there's bound to be some pretty unique answers.

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