Has anyone else here seen a video on YouTube entitled simply, "1444"? It came out less than a week ago, and already, it's burning up on the Internet!

The video itself is of a guy, a former Spanish YouTuber, putting a shotgun to his head. Then he pulls the trigger, and all of a sudden, we watch very gruesome footage of his head exploding, brain matter and gore going everywhere.

I've heard plenty of "creepy"pastas about this kind of thing, but I never, ever thought I'd see something like this in real life!

It stil hasn't made the big news yet, like ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, and FOX, but then again, it is still a fairly new video.

But the worst part of it is that the suicide that happened on camera was completely real. That dude did commit suicide, and some buddy of his (with a very twisted sense of humor, I might add) was ultimately there to post the whole thing to YouTube.

Again, if anyone has any thoughts on this video, please don't hesitate to tell me, and let's just all pray that something like this will NEVER happen again.

-Sincerely, Mr. Lumber

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