• Tin77

    Channel Zero Reactions

    October 12, 2016 by Tin77

    In a couple of minutes, Channel Zero will air it's first episode. This show will be a horror anthology series first focusing on Candle Cove and then NoEnd House. Post your reactions and thoughts to the show's opening down below.

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  • Tin77

    Horrifying Pasta?

    October 9, 2016 by Tin77

    Hello, it is I, Tin77. I apologize for my inactivity on this wiki but school has taken up so much time and I've actually been working on a full-blown novel, but I just haven't been able to get on as often or write something. Maybe for Halloween I'll write a quick story that doesn't require too much planning or isn't too long. (Check out Nightstalkers!)

    Anyways, I've been on a Halloween kick because... Why not. Getting scared is fun, getting that tension and those goosebumps while reading something is exhilarating. I've looking for things to terrify me, both in a nostalgic sense and the sense of actually being mortified by what I'm reading. I'm jumping from thing to thing, like that one episode of the Haunting Hour with the Mad Artist or tho…

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  • Tin77

    My Horrible Confession

    April 1, 2016 by Tin77

    Guys, I have a secret that I've kept for way to long and feel terrible about. It's haunted me for years, I lay awake thinking about it as tears rush to my eyes, as for I can no longer live with what I've done.

    We all make mistakes in life. Sometimes, we don't know what we're thinking and we just let our instincts take other, let us commit some atrocity without knowing. Only as time goes by do we realize the error of our ways... The true mistake that has been made... The damage that has been done. I have been looking to confess but... I didn't know how to do it. You guys were the only people who would understand, yet you would be the very people to persecute me for my actions.

    Well, here it goes. I was once a naive young writer, looking for w…

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  • Tin77

    Weirdest Internet Website?

    February 20, 2016 by Tin77

    The internet is a vast abyss of darkness crawling with dreadful creatures known as "Memes" and "Hipsters", but beyond the normal garbage rests the oddities of simple unknown websites which may be sinister or just out of place.

    So, I thought I'd ask a wiki which is interested in the paranormal, what is the weirdest website you have ever found? I'm not talking about Deep Web type nonsense, just legitimately perplexing and creepy websites here up on the surface web. Whether it be strange blogs or cryptic websites, or maybe just an odd porn website, there is a lot out there waiting to be discovered.

    I remember finding a blank website with just a username and password login system. Whenever you entered something in, it'd ask you a riddle. As you …

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  • Tin77

    Formatting Issues?

    December 9, 2015 by Tin77

    I'm trying to post a story, but source editor is preventing me from doing so. I can't double space the paragraphs to format it correctly, and in visual mode it adds arrows between the text which are all over the place and are a hassle to use.

    Anyone know a way to convert my story to proper format, or any kind of work around to this?


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