The internet is a vast abyss of darkness crawling with dreadful creatures known as "Memes" and "Hipsters", but beyond the normal garbage rests the oddities of simple unknown websites which may be sinister or just out of place.

So, I thought I'd ask a wiki which is interested in the paranormal, what is the weirdest website you have ever found? I'm not talking about Deep Web type nonsense, just legitimately perplexing and creepy websites here up on the surface web. Whether it be strange blogs or cryptic websites, or maybe just an odd porn website, there is a lot out there waiting to be discovered.

I remember finding a blank website with just a username and password login system. Whenever you entered something in, it'd ask you a riddle. As you answered more, the website would just become more cryptic and garbled. I quit shortly, as for I got afraid of what I'd soon discover after answering its questions.

So tell me your tales, what does the wiki have to offer about the terror beneath everyday websites? I'd be interested to hear your tales.

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