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  • Tiololo

    I Finally Graduated!

    April 23, 2016 by Tiololo

    Exams are over. Finally graduated secondary school after five long years of hell. All I need to do now is wait for the exam results to start rolling in. On the plus side, look at my yearbook quote!

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  • Tiololo

    Username Change

    March 30, 2016 by Tiololo

    Hi everyone

    I've changed my username to 

    Rinskuro13 (talk) 06:53, March 30, 2016 (UTC)

    To match my reddit

    It might take time to get used to but hope it's not too much of a shocker

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  • Tiololo

    New Template: Summary

    January 3, 2016 by Tiololo

    Hello everyone. I'd like to alert you to a new template I've created. 

    Lolskeletons gave me a Help:Templates link a while ago to help with a specific proposal I made which received some support and after some muddled up experimentation with coding I decided the best way for it was to copy and paste the code for the Author's note template.

    The temp looks like this.

    It's basically author's note with header different text, and is used the same way as any other template, if you're new to temps: to use, type this without the spaces at the top of your story page:

    { { summary | 《your summary here》 } }

    Authors can use it to summarize a story in a few short sentences if they wish, especially for long pastas, if they think the length of the story may det…

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  • Tiololo

    Jeff the Killer Movie?!

    December 31, 2015 by Tiololo

    I've just heard Purity films have made a Jeff the Killer movie set for release in 2016. Now apparently this is old news but for those that haven't heard of this yet, here's the trailer:

    I mean, what do we all think? I wasn't expecting too much since it's Jeff anyway, and this movie in my opinion looks mediocre at best. It certainly doesn't look anything like the trailer of a usual slasher movie, and that godawful music kills the any traces of suspense left. Seems more like a Dexter-style horror-com than a movie actually trying to scare viewers. Also the movie doesn't seem to be retelling Jeff's story so I wonder what they're going to show us for an hour apart from a few dead women and...

    Anyway, this was public funded and looks like it took …

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  • Tiololo

    For All You Pasta Critics

    December 26, 2015 by Tiololo

    Hello my good friends,

    I'm not looking to produce another story in a long time, because I want to extend my reading and learn how to fairly critique a story before jumping back in onto the competition wagon. I believe I messaged some users personally when I had time but I'd like to hear all your methods. Hopefully I can host another competition in the future, but I've gotta learn to judge first.

    So critics, tell me, what do you look for in a story?

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